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Trek Boone – The Cyclocross Superbike

2015 Trek Boone 7 Canti Front Side

2015 Trek Boone 7 Canti Front Side

Trek Bicycle has unveiled the new cyclocross superbike Boone at the Grand Prix Sven Nys in Baal, Belgium. The all-new Boone is Trek’s fastest, smoothest, lightest cyclocross bike ever, with their exclusive IsoSpeed technology, OCLV Carbon and competition-crushing race geometry. In addition, they are also excited to officially announce the partnership between Cyclocross World Champion Sven Nys, Sven Vanthourenhout, and Trek. Ring in the new year cowbell with two incredible announcements. Continue reading

I Can’t Turn Left. (On Ashland Ave.)

So, I see this post on the interwebs from the Sun-Times starting off with


And why might there be such carmegeddon? Because for the sake of a rapid mass transit system, cars may not be able to turn left at every street.

While some business owners don’t think their customers will be able to plan a different route in advance of the trip to their store, or make a few rights to cross Ashland Ave., I think they will. And maybe, even more business will come their way having an express bus right at their front door. From what I have been told, having close access to mass transit for a business is good. Either way, I am not really here to debate that. The first thing I thought of was….

Derek Zoolander

I can't turn left.

I can’t turn left.








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She Said Yes!

Will you marry me?

It was four years ago yesterday that I stopped to change the flat tire of this cute girl standing on the side of the road looking all sorts of pissed off while I was riding home from work. I try to stop an help everyone I can, and as we rode by ringing our bells, I noticed she had a flat, so back we went so I could fix it. I didn’t ask her name, but one of my friends made sure to let her know my name was Anthony, and I work at Village Cycle Center. Continue reading

A Quick Bit About Locking Up

I have been working in bikes shops for over 15 years now, and one of the things I hear quite a bit is, “I just got my bike stolen.”

This sucks. The people who steal bikes suck even more.

I used to use a mini u-lock, a set of Pitlocks for my wheels, and call it good. Recently, that has become not good enough. So I beefed up security.

photo 1

Now it is two locks, an ABUS mini and chain, plus some Pitlock wheel locks.

photo 2

photo 3

For more information on locking your bike, check out:

Thwarting Bicycle Thievery

Village Cycle Center – “Lock It Up!” with ABUS – Jan. 17th 2013